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About Windsor Bridal Jewellery

Welcome to our website designed for Bridal Shops to place orders and for Brides to see all of the Windsor Range. All new retailer applications are reviewed by a person to see if you will be accepted – this may take up to 48 hours.

If you are not a retailer and you are looking for yourself please use the ‘ask a question’ box on the page of the item you like. We can tell you where you can see it near you. Just enter your email and ask a question and we will get back to you. If you cant get to a bridal shop then we can organise to send them to you direct. We supply many retailers all over Australia , New Zealand and the UK including Northern and Southern Ireland. We supply some stores in the USA, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Malta.

We sometimes travel to Bridal stores around Australia and New Zealand. We show the range twice a year in Sydney and Melbourne during February and August on the trade only Bridal Showings. We show at the annual Harrogate show in the UK one of the best International shows.

Since 1997 we have supplied the Bridal trade with all kinds of bridal accessories. We started by hand making everything ourselves and we are one of the oldest bridal accessory makers in Australia. The range of things we now provide has grown considerably. We design and manufacture overseas a ready to wear range – Windsor Bridal Jewellery. We also produce a hand made range where a bride can have a custom made piece produced for her or choose from a range of styles. These are the latest designs of Bridal Crowns, Vines and all kinds of headpieces following the latest trends. We have experience in making things for over 20 years. We can make so many types of item – so much is possible.

Part of our range is made using Swarovski crystal and we use components from all over the world. Some of our pieces are completely made from European parts. We produce special items for leading Australian celebrities to high society in London U.K.

We hold stock of almost every item in our imported range and can provide a fast overnight service to most parts of Australia and a few days only to New Zealand and the rest of the world. We supply our UK customers from our UK based office.

We have long term business relationships with retailers based on good products, good service and good prices. We have strong relationships over many years with many leading Bridal retailers and specialist jewellers and we can be relied on the fix any problems and be pleasant and easy to deal with. We have no minimum order as we understand that as a retailer you sometimes just want one item. All items come in display boxes included in the price. We aim to give you a quality finished item ready to display in your shop.

The shopping cart is not linked to a payments gateway. You can use the cart to make up an order or you can just list items on an email or fax. Once we receive your order we will email or fax your invoice with payment details. We prefer if you can pay direct to the bank account. As soon as payment is received we send out your order. If its urgent next day delivery is often possible in Australia.

Windsor Bridal Jewellery was founded in 1997 in Australia as a Handmade Bridal Jewellery business. Today we supply Bridal Jewellery to all major cities in Australia and New Zealand. In the United Kingdom we have stockists right across the country including London, Cornwall, The Midlands,  Scotland and Northern Ireland. We also have stockists in Ireland, Belgium, USA, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Malta and Turkey etc

Windsor Bridal Jewellery are makers of unique and luxury Bridal Jewellery for the Bride and Bridal Party with many of our products being made by hand using the highest quality materials. We specialise in Bridal Tiaras, Bridal Headbands, Bridal Vines, Bridal Accessories and Bridal Jewelry of all kinds. In 1997 everything was handmade using traditional soldering and wire binding techniques, featuring Swarovski stones in Tiaras, Swarovski Earrings, Headbands, Side Combs, Necklaces and so much more. In recent times Windsor designs and arranges the manufacturing of some Ready to Wear pieces whilst continuing to produce a large Handmade Bridal Accessories collection. Our Handmade Bridal Jewelry items are hand crafted in Australia then sent to our UK office ready to be shipped to your door often within a few working days. They do not take long at all.

Our Handmade range features grand and unique designs unlike anything seen before including Swarovski Bridal Tiaras and Swarovski Bridal Headbands. We offer the option to customise some handmade designs and are open to special requests.