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All about Earrings – how to avoid sore ears

Putting on earrings with pierced ears is something so natural you just don’t think about it. But your ears have been invaded! They think you have stabbed yourself and they want to heal the wound. Using a poor quality ear post in your ears is like stabbing yourself with a rusty dirty old nail and leaving it in the wound. Whats going to happen? Sore ears, swelling and worse. What can you do to avoid the problem?

You are not born with ready made holes in your ears. You put them there because you want them but your body does not know this. So what happens if you don’t use earrings for a while? The hole heals up. Thats your body healing what it thinks is a wound. An ear post in your ear is a foreign object in an open wound. How your body reacts depends on what that ear post is made of. You need to know about ear posts!


Take a look at the picture below. Which earring is more likely to cause a problem? Left or Right.

The earring on the Right. Do you know why? Because the ear post is the same colour as the earring. That means it has gone into a plating bath and a very thin layer of metal has been deposited on the ear post to make it all the same colour. Look at the earring on the Left it has been into a plating bath also but a rubber cover was put over the ear post to keep it clean of plating. So you know – all fashion earrings are just metal of different kinds underneath. They are covered up with a thin layer of nice colour metal just like paint on a wall.This is called plating.


The part of the earring that causes most problems is the ear post because that is the part that goes inside you. Did you know your body is highly corrosive and it can eat into certain types of metal. A very thin layer of metal on an ear post is easy work for your body to dissolve away. If that layer is a nasty type of metal like nickel then you can have a bad reaction. So the clue is check out that ear post. It should be a different colour to the metal of the rest of the earring -a silver sort of colour like steel or metal. Then its most likely to be surgical steel or titanium. Thats what you want. With a high quality metal ear post your body will not be able to attack it so you are much less likely to have problems.


If you have used cheap earrings in the past you are much more likely to have bad reactions. So you need to be super vigilant with your ear posts on any earring you choose. If your ears are very sensitive consider using clip on earrings. The best clip on earrings have rubber pads so very little metal touches your skin. Nowadays many earrings are made with much safer metal plating than in the past.


So now you know. Of course expensive real gold earrings will have real gold ear posts. But for most other earrings look out for ear posts the same colour as the rest of the earring. If the ear post not the same colour its most likely a good surgical steel or titanium ear post. Look out for smooth clean metal no roughness or signs of rust. Love your ears inside and out! Know your ear posts!

Bio: James has been hand making jewellery for over 20 years. He currently runs two labels – Windsor Bridal Jewellery – ready to wear designs and Jaclyn James Jewellery the latest hand made designs for Brides.