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  • Jun062017

    Without a headache on your big day..

    Your big day is bound to be full of pressure. So what you do not want is a headache – a real one!  If you easily suffer from headaches or migraines and you are going to wear a Crown or a headpiece then read on because many of them potentially can spoil your day.

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  • May072017

    All about Earrings – how to avoid sore ears

    Putting on earrings is something so natural you just don’t think about it. But your ears think they have been invaded. They think you have stabbed yourself and they want to heal the wound. Using a poor quality ear post in your ears is stabbing yourself with a rusty dirty old nail and leaving it in the wound. Whats going to happen? Sore ears, swelling and worse. What can you do to avoid the problem?

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