You can see them in Bridal shops right across all the major cities and towns of Australia. In all the main cities of New Zealand and some towns. In the UK in bridal shops in the regions – Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Not all Bridal shops stock a large range of Windsor apart from the capital cities of Australia and New Zealand. Anything that you like use the ‘Ask a Question’ button on its page and we can tell you where is nearest to you to see the type of thing you like. You can buy from us if a shop has not got what you want at the same price. Postage is free over the minimum order value for your country.

Yes we certainly do. Since 1997 we have been making by hand so we can make or change many things. Get in touch and ask us about it. A lot of things are possible. We make new things almost every day of the week. We are one of the oldest Bridal Accessory makers in Australia. We have mostly made for the trade but now we are also making special items direct for Brides.