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Without a headache on your big day..

wedding crown
Your big day is bound to be full of pressure. So what you do not want is a headache – a real one!  If you suffer from headaches or migraines and you are going to wear a Crown or a headpiece then read on because many of them potentially can spoil your day.

Crowns are really on trend right now. They usually have a headband type frame. How do you know a good one from a bad one. Here is the test.

Pale Gold Crown with leaves and flowers

Gently hold the ends of the frame and pull them a little apart to see if it springs back. If its strong and springs back then potentially it can give you a headache. The cheap frames that even some designer labels use are spring steel and they are going to keep a pressure on your head the whole time you wear them. Yes it helps them to feel firm on your head but its not a good idea for many sensitive Brides to wear them. Or bridesmaids and flower girls too for that matter.

A quality frame – the hoop shape of metal that the crown is usually made upon – needs to be soft enough to re-shape it so it fits your head but firm enough to hold the shape you want it to be. The best Crowns or headpieces will allow you to adjust their shape by gently moulding them with your hands.

Because we hand make so many Crowns and headpieces we commissioned a manufacturer to make just the right type of metal for us. Not too springy that it gives you an headache and not too soft that it will not stay exactly as it should. We also make some special headpieces often to match the bride’s own for 2 year olds based on elastic. Its the best way to have the most chance of it staying on the little girls head.

So on your wedding day wear the right type of headpiece and get rid of one headache you can avoid!

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